The Six Million Dollar Man: The Reunion Films
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The Six Million Dollar Man: The Reunion Films
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The Six Million Dollar Man: The Reunion Films
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UPC (Locale): 826663-227024 (Blu-ray from United States)
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Production Year: 1987 in United States
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Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Science-Fiction, Television
Directors: Ray Austin, Alan J. Levi, Steve Stafford
Studios: Universal Studios
Media Companies: Shout! Factory
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Disc Formats: Single-Sided, Double-Layered
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Release Date: July 12, 2022
Review (Movie): 10 / 10
Review (Disc): 10 / 10
Features: Play All, Feature Trailers, Bonus Trailers, Featurettes, Interviews, Gallery

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Lee Majors is "better, stronger, faster" in high definition! This 33-disc Blu-ray set includes all 99 episodes, the 3 pilot films, 3 reunion films and bonus crossover episodes of The Bionic Woman.

When an aircraft crash leaves him barely alive, Colonel Steve Austin is rebuilt with cutting-edge bionic technology. Now, atomic-powered limbs propel him at speeds of 60 mph, giving him the ability to overturn massive objects and take on the world's most nefarious villains and their evil plans. Join one of TV Guide's "24 Greatest Action Heroes" as he tackles top-secret missions that left millions of fans breathless for five thrilling seasons and more.

• "OSI Mission Debriefing": Writer and Producer Kenneth Johnson
• Original Promos
• Bryan Cranston Gives It To Us Straight!
The Six Million Dollar Man Scripts
• Still Galleries


The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (5/17/87)
After 10 years apart, Steve Austin (Lee Majors) and Jaime Sommers (Lindsay Wagner) reunite to take on international terrorists, Steve's estranged son, and their own romantic past. Co-starring Richard Anderson, Tom Schanley, Martin E. Brooks, Lee Majors II, Martin Landau and Gary Lockwood.

Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (4/30/89)
The Bionic Woman and the Six Million Dollar Man reunite to catch a bionic spy. Co-starring Sandra Bullock, Richard Anderson, Jeff Yagher, Martin E. Brooks, Lee Majors II.


Bionic Ever After? (11/29/94)
Days away from her wedding to Steve Austin, Jaime Sommers experiences a mysterious breakdown of her bionic limbs. Her condition quickly deteriorates, and Dr. Rudy Wells races to find the cause behind her bionic breakdown. Co-starring Richard Anderson, Martin E. Brooks, Farrah Forke, Anne Lockhart, Lee Majors II, Ivan Sergei.

• "OSI Mission Debriefing" (88:36, SD) is an interview with writer/producer Kenneth Johnson. Johnson is full of interesting stories in this feature-length interview. His energy and enthusiasm make this an easy and entertaining watch, and he nails the appear of the TV series better than anyone.

Scene Selection
  1. A Bionic Leap into Hollywood
  2. Getting to Know the Characters
  3. Science Fiction
  4. Humanizing the Characters
  5. Lee Majors
  6. "Steve Austin": Role Model
  7. A Real World Bionics Program?
  8. Richard Anderson "Oscar Goldman"
  9. The Busiest Men in Hollywood
  10. Martin E. Brooks "Dr. Rudy Wells"
  11. Making a TV Show in the 70s
  12. The Popularity of The Six Million Dollar Man
  13. The DVD Release
  14. Action Figures
  15. The Football
  16. Toys and Memorabilia

• "The Six Million Dollar Man Promos" (10:39, SD) is a collection of commercials for The Six Million Dollar Man

• "Reunion Film Promos" (1:39, SD) is a collection of commercials for The Reunion Films.

• "Bryan Cranston Gives It To Us Straight!" (5:06, HD) is a brief interview segment with actor Bryan Cranston that focuses on his supporting role as Dr. Sheperd in 1987's The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Cranston also agreed to watch his full scene on a smartphone, while on-camera, in order to capture his reaction.

The Six Million Dollar Man Scripts: Deathprobe Part I, Deathprobe Part II, Bigfoot V, Walk a Crooked Wing

• Still Galleries (6:09, HD)
  – Photos from Kenneth Johnson Collection (02:32)
  – Photos from Kenneth Johnson Collection – Hollywood Museum (01:01)
  – Kenneth Johnson Recording Commentary Tracks Gallery (00:42)
  – Photos from Bionicon 2006 (01:12)
  – Bionic Testing Center Brochure from Universal Studios Park (00:42)

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English DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0

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 The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1987)
 Lindsay Wagner .... Jaime Sommers
 Lee Majors .... Col. Steve Austin
 Tom Schanley .... Michael Austin
 Richard Anderson .... Oscar Goldman
 Martin E. Brooks .... Dr. Rudy Wells
 Lee Majors II .... Jim Castillian
 Martin Landau .... Lyle Stenning
 Gary Lockwood .... John Praiser
 Will Bledsoe .... Tom Brubaker
 Gary Blumsack .... Jerry Dreyfuss
 William Campbell .... General Forest
 Bob Hoy .... Kyle
 Terry Kiser .... Santiago
 Cheryl McMannis .... Carol
 Patrick Pankhurst .... Duke Rennecker
 Bob Seagren .... Martin
 Danil Torppe
 Susan Woollen .... Trisha Sullivan
 Scott Kraft .... Nick
 Bryan Cranston .... Dr. Shepherd
 Keith Farrell .... Jim Mation
 Phil Nordell .... Christopher
 Pamela Jean Bryant .... Blonde Girl
 Catherine McGoohan .... Receptionist
 Deborah White .... Sally
 Kawena Charlot .... Megan
 Sandey Grinn .... Walter
 Leonard Kibrick .... Jensen
 Michele Minailo .... Holly
 Julie H. Morgan .... Hostess
 Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989)
 Lindsay Wagner .... Jaime Sommers
 Lee Majors .... Steve Austin
 Richard Anderson .... Oscar Goldman
 Sandra Bullock .... Kate Mason
 Jeff Yagher .... Jim Goldman
 Martin E. Brooks .... Dr. Rudy Wells
 Lee Majors II .... Jim Castillian
 Josef Sommer .... Charles Estiman
 Geraint Wyn Davies .... Allan Devlin
 Lawrence Dane .... General Dzerinsky
 Robert Lansing .... General McAllister
 Carolyn Dunn .... Sally
 Jack Blum .... Larry
 Andy Dan .... Comrade Kellagyn
 David Christopher Adamson .... Randall
 James Kee .... O.S.I. officer
 Marcia Levine .... Tanya
 Robert McClure .... Dr. Williams
 David Nerman .... Peter
 Steve Pernie .... Russ
 Steve Morris .... Sports announcer
 Bionic Ever After? (1994)
 Lindsay Wagner .... Jaime Sommers
 Lee Majors .... Steve Austin
 Richard Anderson .... Oscar Goldman
 Farrah Forke .... Kimberly Haviland / Harmon
 Martin E. Brooks .... Dr. Rudy Wells
 Anne Lockhart .... Carolyn MacNamara
 Alan Sader .... John MacNamara
 Geordie Johnson .... Miles Kendrick
 Ivan Sergei .... Astaad Rashid
 Lee Majors II .... Jim Castillian
 Robert D. Raiford .... Minister
 James Shanta .... Rock
 Michael Hartson .... Stone
 Ann Pierce .... Connie Haviland
 Michael Camden Richards .... NEC Technician
 General Fermon Judd Jr. .... Bahamas Policeman
 Michael Burgess .... Delta Commando
 Steffen Foster .... Reporter
 The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1987)
  Ray Austin .... Director
  Michael Sloan .... Screenplay
  Michael Sloan .... Story
  Bruce Lansbury .... Story
  Martin Caidin .... Novel
  Bernadette Joyce .... Producer
  Bruce Lansbury .... Supervising Producer
  Michael Sloan .... Executive Producer
  William K. Jurgensen .... Director of Photography
Film Editing
  Buford F. Hayes .... Film Editor
  Victor B. Lackey .... Film Editor
  Marvin Hamlisch .... Composer
  Dennis Ricotta .... Music Editor
  Hector C. Gika .... Sound Editor
  Coye Vanover .... Sound Mixer
  Gary A. Lee .... Art Director
  Brienne Glyttov .... Costume Designer
  Tom Ellingwood .... Makeup Artist
  Virginia G. Hadfield .... Hair Stylist
  Jeff Espinueva .... Costume Supervisor
  Jerry Herrin .... Assistant Costume Supervisor
  Jerry Herrin .... Set Costumer
 Bionic Showdown: The Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1989)
  Alan J. Levi .... Director
  Michael Sloan .... Teleplay
  Brock Choy .... Teleplay
  Michael Sloan .... Story
  Robert De Laurentiis .... Story
  Richard Anderson .... Co-Producer
  Bill Goddard .... Associate Producer
  Bernadette Joyce .... Producer
  Lee Majors .... Co-Producer
  Michael Sloan .... Executive Producer
  Nigel Watts .... Producer
  Maris H. Jansons .... Director of Photography
Film Editing
  Bill Goddard .... Film Editor
  Bill Conti .... Composer
  Stephen A. Hope .... Music Editor
  Bob Holbrook .... Boom Operator
  Victor B. Lackey .... Sound Editor
  Clark McCarron .... Sound Mixer
  Tony Hall .... Art Director
  Delphine White .... Costume Designer
  Irma Parkkonen .... Makeup Artist
  Divyo Rae Putney .... Hair Stylist
  Byron Patchett .... Property Master
 Bionic Ever After? (1994)
  Steve Stafford .... Director
  Michael Sloan .... Teleplay
  Norman Morrill .... Teleplay
  Michael Sloan .... Story
  Martin Caidin .... Novel
  Richard Anderson .... Co-Executive Producer
  Michael O. Gallant .... Producer
  Michael Sloan .... Executive Producer
  Gideon Porath .... Director of Photography
Film Editing
  Frank E. Jimenez .... Film Editor
  Ron Ramin .... Composer
  Robb Navrides .... Composer
  Lori Slomka .... Music Editor
  Gail Clark Burch .... Supervising Sound Editor
  Jonathan Gaynor .... Sound Mixer
  Greg LaPlante .... Sound Editor
  Daniel J. Leahy .... Re-Recording Mixer
  Greg P. Russell .... Re-Recording Mixer
  Kyle Wright .... Supervising Sound Editor
  Kenneth Young .... Sound Editor
  Linda Allen .... Production Designer
  Robin Lewis West .... Costume Designer
  Virginia Alexander .... Key Makeup Artist
  Rick Pour .... Special Makeup Effects Artist
  Peggy Semtob .... Key Hair Stylist
  Jamie Arbuckle .... Set Dresser
  Richard M. Cole .... Propmaker
  Dennis DiAddezzio .... Property Master
  Daniel Dietrich .... Propmaker
  Frank M. Fleming .... Lead Man
  Michael Lane .... Set Dresser
  Alton McClellan .... Scenic Foreman
  Thomas A. Morris Jr. .... Construction Coordinator
  Bozydar Orszula .... Construction General Foreman
  Robin Griffin .... Visual Effects Producer
  Sue Bub .... Costume Supervisor

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